UPDATE: Three Floyds has posted more details about this year’s ticket sales. Tickets will go on sale at midday on Saturday, March 19, through an online ticket broker; the link will be posted on the Three Floyds blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page. The tickets are $10 apiece and you can pick one of three time slots: morning, early afternoon, or late afternoon.

Dark Lord Day, the one day a year that Three Floyds Brewing sells its Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, has historically been an exercise in insanity (albeit one that beer geeks all over the country are happy to brave). Two years ago the brewery implemented a ticketing system: to be guaranteed a chance to buy the beer, you first had to buy a “golden ticket.” That resulted in its own type of insanity; tickets sold out within a few hours in 2009 despite going on sale at 4 AM, sales last year crashed the servers of the host site, and scalping ran rampant both years.

This year’s Dark Lord Day FAQ recently went up on the Three Floyds site (via), and there’s one major difference from previous years: tickets will be required to attend the event (the same ticket that allows you to buy the beer also gets you admission). In the past, Dark Lord Day has ended up doubling as a beer festival, with enthusiasts coming out to listen to live music, trade rare beers, drink what’s on tap—there are usually several tents set up selling both Three Floyds and guest beers—and generally geek out. The people waiting in line are an affable bunch, eager to share tastes of whatever they’re drinking and talk about beer, and despite long wait times last year when I went, there was a feeling of camaraderie (the fact that everyone was drinking beer probably didn’t hurt).