Will Alderman Rick Munoz sing "At the Hop" and other songs from the American Graffiti soundtrack? Credit: Jean Lachat/Sun-Times Media

In honor of the latest bright idea to pop out of Mayor Rahm’s brain, Mick and I will be wearing our favorite Star Wars costumes for Tuesday’s show at the Hideout.

In case you haven’t heard, Mayor Rahm’s wants to give lakefront land—as if it’s his to give—to George Lucas so he can build a Star Wars museum there.

The multimillion-dollar question is how many of your tax dollars will end up going to this thing before it’s over.

When the mayor recently announced Lucas had selected Chicago over Los Angeles and San Francisco as the site of his museum, aldermen all over the city happily signed on as supporters—even though neither the mayor nor Lucas has revealed key details about the museum.

So the first question we’ll discuss is why would aldermen agree to a deal without knowing what they’re agreeing to? I mean, that practice didn’t exactly work out too well with the parking meter deal.

And the next question we’ll ask is: Mayor Rahm v. Karen Lewis—oh, my God!!!

Okay, that’s not really a question so much as an exclamation of ecstasy over that potential mayoral showdown. All in all, it should be a lot of fun Tuesday at the Hideout.

On hand to help lead us to enlightenment will be Aldermen Rick Munoz and Danny Solis, who promises to wear his favorite R2-D2 costume.

Just kidding, Danny.

Before I forget, let me give a shoutout to our illustrious lineup from last month’s show, which featured lobbyist Adrienne Alexander, state rep-elect Will Guzzardi, and state rep Christian Mitchell from the 26th District on the south lakefront.

I had a hard time keeping up with the conversation that night. Probably because I was still feeling the effects of that marijuana-laced gummy bear I ate while driving through the foothills of Nevada.

Here’s the footage about that.

One of that show’s highlights came when Mitchell went at it with Fred “the Hammer” Klonsky. Not to be confused with Fred “the Hammer” Williamson, star of Adios Amigo and other great action flicks from the ’70s.

Not that anyone would normally confuse one Fred with the other, but just in case.

Klonsky is the retired suburban art teacher, Logan Square political activist, and education blogger who’s particularly outraged by Mitchell’s vote to cut teacher pensions.

Klonsky’s included.

In the questions-from-the-audience segment, Klonsky demanded that Mitchell explain that pension vote.

And Mitchell said—well, watch the exchange yourself.

That debate will be hard to top. Though if we’re really lucky, Alderman Munoz will sing “At the Hop” and other songs from the American Graffiti soundtrack.

C’mon everybody—”Let’s go to the hop (oh baby) . . .”

That’s Tuesday, July 1, starting at 6:30. The Hideout’s at 1354 W. Wabansia Ave.