David Brooks, New York Times, 9/16:

The feminists declare that [Sarah Palin is] not a real woman because she doesn’t hew to their rigid categories. People who’ve never been in a Wal-Mart think she is parochial because she has never summered in Tuscany.

David Brooks, New York Times, 10/03:

Still, this debate was about Sarah Palin. She held up her end of an energetic debate that gave voters a direct look at two competing philosophies. She established debating parity with Joe Biden. And in a country that is furious with Washington, she presented herself as a radical alternative.


David Brooks, The Atlantic redesign launch party, 10/06:

[Sarah Palin] represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party.

This is what happens when your salt-of-the-Wal-Mart fetish collides with your terror of life outside of an oligarchy.