Night of Your Ascension

J.R. Robinson releases his latest LP as Wrekmeister HarmoniesNight of Your Ascension, today via Thrill Jockey, and along with the epic record comes a brand-new music video staring noise-rock legend David Yow. Wrekmeister is a project whose records are known for their dark, minimalist, hypnotic drones, but on Night of Your Ascension, Robinson’s assembled a cast of more than 30 names from the heavy metal and experimental world—members of the Body, Cave, Corrections House, Bloodyminded, and Anatomy of Habit are among those involved—and together, during the course of a year, created a massive, monstrous racket. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is a tiny clip from the half-hour-long title track and its aforementioned accompanying video, which features the Jesus Lizard front man covered in grime and being a world-class creep. Check it out below.

YouTube video
Robinson recently announced that he’ll be relocating to the Pacific Northwest, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new location affects his future Wrekmeister Harmonies work. His next show in town is Thursday, December 7, at Empty Bottle.