The forecast for today calls for a high of 90 degrees and isolated thunderstorms. Stay away from trees if it rains! And if you’re already exhausted from Friday, well, remember that there are still two full days left.

Our guide to the Pitchfork Music Festival gives you the skinny on what to check out today. If it’s your first day at the festival, check Miles Raymer’s introduction for general info. We have reviews of all of Saturday’s acts, but the itineraries from staff and other contributors may be more helpful for planning your day. For today, we’ve got music editor Philip Montoro (“I’m not sure I should bother with Liturgy minus drummer Greg Fox, but I’m perversely curious to see how ‘transcendental black metal’ works with a laptop for a rhythm section”), staff writer Kevin Warwick (“Maybe tweet some shit or something”); Britt Julious, Best of Chicago winner and senior editor of This Recording (“Grimes is my new favorite Galactic Fairy Princess”); WBEZ Weekender host Alison Cuddy (“What outfit can handle the heat, goes well with neon, and isn’t prone to porta-potty fail?”); and me (“Cults, overlapping slightly with Youth Lagoon. Translation: beer and shade away from the music.”).