• Posi-girl pop duo Bleached

Looking back it’s not hard to believe Mika Miko only lasted as long as it did—keeping the amount of energy they generated onstage during an average show from blowing up in your face is an extremely difficult task, and a good one would make you wonder how they even kept it together at all. Still, I do miss them being around. Luckily for me and other people who feel the same way the group’s sibling duo of Jennifer and Jessie Claven are making some good stuff under the name Bleached.

They’ve recently released their first seven inch on the Carter label, which you can check out free of charge on SoundCloud. “Think of You” and “You Take Time” lack the short-fuse chaos magic that Mika Miko could work up so nicely, but the posi-girl vibe here is maybe even more pronounced, and the Clavens’ headfirst dive into sunshiny pop is paying off. If I didn’t have to do any more work today I could probably spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch listening to “Think of You” on repeat and playing the new Katamari game for iPhone, which is overall a less satisfying experience than the past console versions but still scratches the same OCD-esque brain itch and besides this isn’t a video game blog and I’m on deadline so I’ll cut that daydream short right here.

Bleached is playing Crown Liquors on October 25. They’ve got another seven-inch coming out on Suicide Squeeze this December. And they’ve got a Tumblr. And they’ve got a video for “Think of You” featuring a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by Randy and Dean from No Age that you can check out after the jump.