• Meaghan O’Malley
  • Mystifying news on the culture front

The latest mystifying move on the city’s official culture front: word is that the staff of the DCA Storefront Theater, most recently part of the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, has been let go as of June 30. The city reportedly will honor existing performance contracts past that date, but no information was available on the future of the three full-time and six part-time employees.

A city spokesperson said only that the Storefront Theater will be “transitioning” from Tourism back to DCASE—where programming positions have gone unfilled for months.

Update: According to a DCASE spokesperson, “We’re committed to keeping the Storefront Theater open. Jobs [there] will be posted and anyone can apply. We’re in the process of hiring the cultural team. Our goal is to have everyone in place by June 1.”