It is so totally unfair to attack Barack Obama on campaign finance. Obama broke his promise; McCain may have broken the law. Here‘s a much more perceptive article.

On the other hand, psst: FISA. Heck, I’ll make the posters.

[In all seriousness: it really is frustrating to see Obama’s name bandied about on the issue without mentioning McCain’s utterly mendacious abuse of public financing, which he used as collateral to secure a loan and then tried to get out of it. In other words, if his campaign failed, he was going to use matching funds to pay his debts. But using the promise of public financing as collateral may have been tantamount to accepting it. The DNC has just filed suit in federal court on the issue.

But it’s even more frustrating to see a columnist who wants to paint Obama as a calculating political player miss the FISA issue entirely. Even if you think the FISA bill is totally reasonable, which is your right as a free (mostly) American to do, it’s a major issue and really interesting if you have a little patience, and one which leaves Obama vulnerable not just on his position but on his maneuvering.

When I get into a snit about how awesome blogs are, this is kind of why.]