Paradise: Love
  • Paradise: Love

Though I’ve seen you three times in the last nine months, I think I’m just starting to understand what you’re all about. I’ve tried to articulate it on the few occasions when you came to Chicago, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. That’s one of the snags of being a movie critic: you often have to write about movies you’ve recently discovered rather than the movies you’ve decided to carry with you, which are the ones you’re far more capable of writing about. It took me a while to realize I wanted you in the latter camp. But as you’re probably aware, you’re a little difficult to warm to. Even Farran Smith Nehme, one of my country’s most astute film critics, seemed to want nothing to do with you in her review, and someone going by the name “retinalechoes” posted a lengthy tirade against you at You inspire strong feelings in people, admirers and detractors alike.