Keen product placement by Incase at Pitchfork

  • Keen product placement by Incase at Pitchfork

Yesterday morning the Reader‘s digital content editor, Tal Rosenberg, sent out an e-mail extensively detailing how we, the Pitchfork-attending staff of the Reader, are going to cover the festival in real time. Given, we already produced a comprehensive Pitchfork guide with write-ups of every band—as well as detailed, hour-by-hour itineraries—but the buck can’t and won’t stop there. Blog posts must be posted, tweets tweeted, and Instagram photos taken so they can be shared, again and again and again. Years ago, coverage of Pitchfork and like-minded megafestivals slowed after the print publication was placed in its boxes. But these days any and every music journalist and blogger is nudged (or required) to stay sober enough to spew out 140-character to 500-word musings on why the dude from Sleigh Bells is wearing a leather jacket in 95-degree heat.