The Rocky Mountain News published its last edition Friday, ending its 149-year history. Remarkably, Final Edition, a 22-minute documentary of the paper’s last weeks made for the paper by Matthew Roberts, multimedia producer of, can already be watched online. It begins on December 4, the day the paper was put up for sale.

“It’s something that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago,” E.W. Scripps CEO Richard Boehne told the News staff, which understood there was no way in the world Scripps could find a buyer in the 30 days Boehne promised to look. “But I think we’re suddenly finding it’s a time in this industry and this economy when the unthinkable has become the commonplace — unfortunately.” He told the staff, “You guys produced an incredible product here. You’re the model of what a newspaper is going to need to look like in the future.”

If Final Edition is fair evidence of the News‘s multimedia versatility, Boehne’s claim was ironically true.