Just do it. And by it I mean wear this shirt.
  • Courtesy of #HealthGoth
  • Just do it. And by “it” I mean wear this shirt.

If you’re eager to get in shape while blasting goth, industrial, and darkwave on your little white earbuds then electronic-music wiz and local party promoter Johnny Love is here to help. Love, the man behind nu-industrial outfit Deathface, just released a PDF of workout tips for fans of dark, menacing electronic music, which he calls the “#HealthGoth Fitness Bible.” The all-caps guide to getting in shape is a fun, quick read regardless of whether or not you plan to follow Love’s words about, say, eating before hitting the gym: “Pre-workout is better than cocaine, because instead of talking about bullshit for an hour, you get a sick pump, and everyone loves vascularity.”

Love published his workout guide in conjunction with a new line of shirts released under the name, yes, #HealthGoth (and, yes, the hashtag is included). Love brandished his clothes with images that mock corporate sporting gear—there’s an inverted Air Jordan logo and Under Armour’s brand has been changed to look like a capital “H”—and all the items are only available in black. It’d definitely be fitting to wear one of these shirts while working out to Deathface’s recent Cry for a Black Dawn EP, but I bet they’d be welcome at the next candlelight drone yoga session led by Locrian’s Andre Foisy. At the very least do listen to Cry for a Black Dawn below.