• Tom Moulton

One of the first real breakthroughs I had after joining SoundCloud was stumbling upon a user called R_co, who, instead of posting their own creations (at the time the platform was mostly used for dance music and DJ mixes, although its user base has since expanded), would upload entire sets by other DJs. A lot of them were contemporary German techno types whom I wasn’t particularly grabbed by, but interspersed throughout were ones by the DJs who more or less invented deejaying as we know it. Vintage sets by the likes of Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, and Larry Levan from dance meccas like the Music Box and Paradise Garage would pop up regularly with no indication of how R_co got their hands on them and where they came from in the first place. It was almost unreal—the recordings captured the period of time when these DJs were proactively evolving disco into what would come to be known as house music, and as such they’re extremely valuable documents. They were also the type of thing that even die-hard dance-music fans had mostly heard of but never actually heard, and here they were being released on a steady basis, for free.