• Andrea Bauer
  • Janet Voight in her natural habitat, a collections room at the Field Museum

A zoology curator at the Field Museum, Janet Voight is featured this week in our second annual People Issue.

Like many of the people profiled in this week’s issue, Janet Voight is fascinating—so much so that even though I knew the interview I did with her would be cut down to just a few hundred words, I couldn’t bring myself to keep it to less than an hour. And even though I knew that space limitations didn’t exactly allow for an 8,000-word interview in print, seeing it cut down was painful. Fortunately, for all that extra wordage, there’s the Internet. Below are details about the bottom of the ocean that didn’t make it to print, as well as the video from the Field Museum that made me want to talk to Voight in the first place, in which you can see the octopus feeding behavior that she describes in the interview.