Welcome to the Reader‘s weekday news briefing.

  • Department of Justice threaten to subpoena sanctuary cities including Chicago

The Department of Justice is threatening to subpoena sanctuary cities and other areas that do not turn over undocumented immigrants for deportation if they fail to provide certain documents. The department sent letters to Chicago Police Department superintendent Eddie Johnson, Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle, and Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority executive director John Maki demanding documents “reflecting any orders, directives, instructions, or guidance to your law enforcement employees . . . regarding whether and how these employees may, or may not, communicate with the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” In addition to Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois, letters were sent to 20 other governments in the U.S. “I continue to urge all jurisdictions under review to reconsider policies that place the safety of their communities and their residents at risk,” U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “Protecting criminal aliens from federal immigration authorities defies common sense and undermines the rule of law. We have seen too many examples of the threat to public safety represented by jurisdictions that actively thwart the federal government’s immigration enforcement—enough is enough.” [Sun-Times]

  • Daniel Biss-J.B. Pritzker rivalry highlighted in televised debate

One of the biggest stories to emerge from the NBC Chicago Democratic gubernatorial debate Tuesday night is the emerging rivalry between state senator Daniel Biss and billionaire businessman J.B. Pritzker, according to the Tribune. Biss and Pritzker sparred with each other frequently during the debate. After the debate ended, Biss questioned why Pritzker spent so much time attacking him. “He’s obviously worried. He kept naming me all night long,” Biss said. “What I left here wondering [was], ‘What’s in J.B. Pritzker’s polling data? Why on this day was J.B. Pritzker all of a sudden going after me?'” [Tribune]

  • Fraternal Order of Police calls out Civilian Office of Police Accountability over investigation into Quintonio LeGrier

The Fraternal Order of Police union is questioning “why a Boston police lieutenant was paid more than $17,000 to review the police shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones, but the Civilian Office of Police Accountability never referenced those findings in ruling the shooting unjustified,” according to the Sun-Times. COPA hired Boston police lieutenant Robert Harrington through the McGuire Woods law firm, but the union only learned of his involvement through a Freedom of Information request, not COPA’s final report on the shooting. There was no mention of his findings or conclusions in the report either. “I want to know about the report that he wrote and what’s in it. This is serious business,” FOP president Kevin Graham said. “You’re making serious accusations about an officer and about his career. If we give a Freedom of Information request, we expect to get all the information that we’re entitled to.” [Sun-Times]

  • The Chicago Teachers Union is not happy that CPS might relax its ethics code

The Chicago Teachers Union is criticizing the Chicago Public Schools board for considering relaxing its ethics code. The board will vote on relaxing the code in order for CPS to hire a former board member. “The ethics rule is there for a reason. Boards should not be hiring themselves to lucrative six-figure jobs,” CTU vice president Jesse Sharkey said. “The problem is there’s a cloud of ethics violations that go back for several administrations in a row now.” [Sun-Times]

  • Office star Rainn Wilson to star in Steppenwolf world premiere

Rainn Wilson has become synonymous with Dwight Schrute, his iconic character on The Office. Now he’s returning to his native Chicago area to star in Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s world premiere of Matthew-Lee Erlbach’s The Doppelganger (An International Farce), which centers around two businessmen who look so much alike that they are doppelgangers. The play opens April 5 and runs through May 27. [Tribune]

  • Bin 36 closes for good after 18 years of business

Bin 36 has closed its West Loop wine bar and restaurant for good. It moved from its original River North location to the 161 N. Jefferson Street location in the cutthroat West Loop at the end of 2014. “We are so thankful for the community—either in River North or the West Loop, around the country—even around the world,” owner Enoch Shully said. “Bin 36 has meant nothing but family—creating new memories for people. . . . We’ll miss those people.” [Eater Chicago]