Lilac's new demo

Local sludge-metal/noise-rock freaks Cacaw called it a day in 2011. Upon their collapse, half the band—Zack Weil and Kyle Reynolds—started Oozing Wound with Unmanned Ship bassist Kevin Cribbin. The other two members, guitarist-vocalist Anya Davidson and bassist-vocalist Carrie Vinarsky, backed away from music to focus on their visual art. Davidson is a comics artist—in the past few years she’s written and drawn a book’s worth of the strip Band for Life as well as the graphic novels School Spirits and Lovers in the Garden—and Vinarsky is on the grind as a tattoo artist.

Last week Davidson finally reemerged with the first demo track from a new band, a noisy four-piece called Lilac where she sings and plays guitar. The rest of the lineup consists of Baltimore transplants Chris Day on bass and Conor Stechschulte on guitar (both of defunct doomy noise-psych band Witch Hat) and Kenny Rasmussen of Anatomy of Habit on drums.

The world’s first taste of Lilac is called “Kiss the Corpse,” and Davidson performs with the same twisted intensity she brought to Cacaw. Both bands make hypnotic use of distortion and dissonance, but in contrast to the dirgelike feel of late-period Cacaw, Lilac has a groovy swing, more in line with 1990s Touch and Go noise-rock. It’s quicker and punchier than anything the band’s members have done elsewhere, but the vibes are as damaged as ever. You can listen below.