From a brave correspondent who’ll remain nameless:

“When Jimmy Stewart [in It’s a Wonderful Life] says ‘Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings,’ he may be referring to passage from one state to another in Buddhism with Buddhist bells. (Source of Buddhist Bells is Lee Ho-jeong  on web site about Buddhism and Bells.) The reference may be a message of respect for the persons who died in South Asia and the South Pacific during the war.

“Frank Capra has Sam Wainwright, involved in rubber, give Jimmy Stewart a lot of money. Frank Capra specifically discusses Jimmy saving the life of his brother who rescued a ship from attack by a kamikaze.

“There is a possibility the discussion of bells is misperceived as a simple comment about a bell on a Christmas tree, when it has a double meaning about the passage of those in Asia from the war.

“While Jimmy might be the richest man in town, he derived his wealth from a war involving others who place importance in bells and getting wings. That tear jerking comment may be more tear jerking to some with
that interpretation in mind.”

So much for the bust of Mussolini on the mantel. And y’all thought Lost Horizon was a one-shot deal!