• Kristofer Buckle
  • Diamanda Galas in 2010

If you’ve come within earshot of a mainstream media outlet in the past week, you’ve encountered a tribute to Whitney Houston. There’s a huge unspoken presence in almost every encomium, though: perhaps out of reluctance to seem to speak ill of the dead, they don’t mention Houston’s disastrous 2010 tour, which was as clear a signal as the public could’ve asked for that the singer was suffering. Maybe people just don’t want to be reminded that they were happy to rubberneck at the wreckage of Houston’s life while she was alive—I’m sure they had enough of that kind of finger-wagging after Michael Jackson died. But if there’s anyone who won’t let a needless death pass without calling out the hypocrites who could’ve helped prevent it, it’s Diamanda Galas.