Diana Dávila Credit: Andrea Bauer

After just three months Diana Dávila resigned Wednesday as executive chef at Cantina 1910, one of the city’s most exciting new restaurants. In an interview, Dávila, a subject in the Reader‘s recent People Issue, cited “irreconcilable differences” with the Andersonville restaurant’s ownership. Cantina 1910’s chef de cuisine Aaron Covert and executive sous chef Alison Denton also quit. 

Dávila says she’s looking for a new gig—Mexican, of course.  

Despite near unanimous praise from the city’s professional critics and a nod in the Wall Street Journal, Cantina 1910 was the subject of a Yelp smear campaign by people who couldn’t understand the restaurant’s progressive approach. Pastry chef Andrew Pingul is in charge while a national search for a new chef is conducted, a representative for the restaurant says.

Cantina 1910’s menu will not change until the season does, the rep adds, and the restaurant’s concept won’t be altered. So, sorry, Yelpers—you’re still not getting free chips and salsa.