Blair Kamin speculates that the Indianapolis Colts’ new stadium gives the team less of a home-field advantage because its design reduces crowd noise, making it easier for the opposing quarterback to give signals.

I was skeptical for a minute–Qwest Field in Seattle is notorious for being loud despite being an outdoor stadium. Well, it turns out that Qwest Field was designed to be really loud.

Either way, kudos for the design. I’ve seen it in person from the outside, from a bus window at least, and it’s very attractive, which is unusual for football stadiums and indoor ones in particular (the Colts’ previous stadium, the RCA Dome, is pretty bad; see also the Georgia Dome). I think it will please sports fans, or at least those like me who have an affinity for the “old” gym that so many colleges have, and which tend to be more pleasant than the new ones (the University of Chicago is a rare exception–the new basketball court at Ratner, with an entire wall of glass, is a gem).