Terrelle Pryor, a 6’6”, 235-pound quarterback from Jeannette High School in Pennslyvania who’s ranked the #1 football prospect in the country by rivals.com, ended months of much-hyped speculation today when he announced at a press conference that he has decided to play for Ohio State University.

Or did he? 

An AP report on SI.com, yahoo.com, and other sites says Pryor began the conference by saying, “If everyone’s here, University of Ohio State.”

What? Where’s that? I’m from Ohio and I’ve never heard of University of Ohio State. Surely he didn’t mean Ohio University, in Athens (no doubt their football team would love to have him). I have heard of an Ohio State University, in Columbus. And I’ve certainly heard scores of fans and alumni refer to the Ohio State University, also in Columbus.

With a nod to Hurricane backers who call the University of Miami “the U,” is there a college in the country besides OSU where supporters insist on such a specific, and snobby, articulation of the name? Buckeye fans are known for adding the elitist the. How could Pryor forget not only the the but that University follows Ohio State in the name?

It’s not like the kid hasn’t had time to get it right. OSU wasn’t a last-minute pick–Pryor has admitted that he was set to choose the Buckeyes on the national signing day on February 6 but backed off under pressure from his father to consider Penn State more seriously.

But wait, maybe Pryor got it a little bit right.

Bucknuts.com, a popular OSU football site, described the moment differently. According to its report: “‘I am going to the University of Ohio State,’ Pryor quickly announced after entering the room wearing OSU gear.”

The University of Ohio State, huh? How much can we trust reporters to quote exactly, down to the articles?

Last December Pryor led Jeannette to a state title in football, then to a state title in basketball in February. He is believed to be the first Pennsylvania player to pass and rush for more than 4,000 yards. Other QBs from PA: HOFers Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino.