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  • Morrissey: Definitely not on Twitter

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Hey, did you read:

• About the filthy bay in which sailors and windsurfers have to train for Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympics? Tony Adler

• The obligatory tweet roundup of the viewers who had trouble processing St. Vincent’s SNL performance? Kevin Warwick

• About art performances that are actually supposed to put the audience to sleep? Aimee Levitt

• That Amazon has patented a not-even-slightly-original studio setup for photographing things on a white background? (Sort of like when humorist Allan Sherman attempted to patent the musical note “C,” only serious.) Tony Adler

• That Gordon Willis passed away? Drew Hunt

• This list of how-to books from 100 years ago that are still useful? Aimee Levitt

Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin’s takedown of the CTA’s proposed $320 million flyover at Belmont? (“The flyover would be 40 to 45 feet tall at its highest point, . . . roughly double the height of the existing Brown Line tracks. Hello, Six Flags!”) Kate Schmidt

• That Morrissey’s twitter account is actually a fake? (And Twitter verified it anyway.) Brianna Wellen

• That a best-selling Holocaust memoir has been exposed as a fabrication and its author, Misha Defonesca, has been ordered to pay back her publisher $22.5 million? Ben Sachs

• About the death of the homepage? Gwynedd Stuart

• That Timothy Geithner’s book, “Stress Test,” fails to explain how he missed the growing risk in the economy? Deanna Isaacs