Rahm Emanuel
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  • Rahm Emanuel

Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• That Alice Munro, the best short story writer since the form was invented, has won the Nobel Prize in Literature? (Her Paris Review Art of Fiction interview is here.) Aimee Levitt

• That Bears receiver Brandon Marshall will wear green shoes tonight against the New York Giants for Mental Health Awareness Week? (The NFL is expected to fine him for doing so, although it allows players to wear pink shoes throughout October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.) Steve Bogira

• That Mayor Emanuel raised more than $1 million for his 2015 reelection bid—in September alone? Mick Dumke

• Kirk Goldsberry’s new basketball statistic ShotScore, which attempts to accurately measure a player’s shooting ability? (LeBron James, of course, is the best shooter, with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry right behind him.) Tal Rosenberg

• That the two major landmasses that constitute New Zealand never had official names . . . until now? Ben Sachs

• That Ariel Castro’s suicide might not have actually been a suicide? —Drew Hunt

• About women and migraines? Aimee Levitt

• This interview with Tim Hecker? —Drew Hunt

• Garry Wills on the right’s “back-door secession”? Tony Adler