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Hey, did you read:

• Rachel Maddow’s NYT review of Andrew Bacevich’s timely new book, Overcommitted? (The retired colonel, Vietnam veteran, and West Point grad persuades Maddow that we use our military “against problems that have no military solution.”) Steve Bogira

• That while it’s “tempting to believe that America can take a back seat in international affairs,” that idea is “terribly misguided”? Steve Bogira

• About the death of AM radio? Aimee Levitt

• “Ranking Pop Culture’s Jonathans Throughout the Ages”? Sam Worley

• About storied Chicago teen club Medusa’s? Tal Rosenberg

• That the total number of countries John McCain has proposed attacking through the years covers much of the globe, as this map shows? Mick Dumke

• Geoff Pullum weighing in passionately to protest the Economist‘s prohibition on split infinitives? Sam Worley

• Anthony Lane on this year’s Venice Film Festival? Drew Hunt