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Hey, did you read:

• About the failure of the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks? John Dunlevy

• About the harms done by the overuse of antibiotics? Steve Bogira

• About the creation of a new kind of cast that combines 3-D printing and ultrasound pulses? Ben Sachs

• About the Georgia Institute of Technology study looking into what you may lose when you accept a website’s terms of service? Tony Adler

• That Disney reportedly backed out of talks to buy Buzzfeed earlier this year after the site set an asking price of over $1 billion dollars? (For perspective: last year, the Washington Post was purchased for $250 million.) Osita Nwanevu

• About celebrations of the end of winter in Zurich, Switzerland that involve blowing up a giant snowman? (Here’s a condensed video from this year.) John Dunlevy

• About the wonut, a deep-fried miniwaffle, at Waffles Cafe? Aimee Levitt

• About the deceased New Orleans socialite who was propped up on a sofa holding a cigarette and a champagne flute at her very Weekend at Bernie’s wake? Gwynedd Stuart