A liar and a moron Credit: George Horsford/Daily Sun via AP

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Hey, did you read

• That Ben Carson was never offered a scholarship to West Point Academy, nor did he ever apply there? Tal Rosenberg

• About actual, knowledgeable archeologists explaining to Ben Carson that, no, Joseph didn’t build the pyramids to hold grain? (For one thing, they aren’t hollow.) Tony Adler

• About Canada’s new Sikh defense chief, a combat veteran who fought in Afghanistan? Michael Miner

• That Liverpool, England, just opened some fast-walking pedestrian lanes to nudge tourists and slow pokes to one side of the pavement? (Alas, ’tis but a marketing stunt.)  Ryan Smith

• About the “untold history” of black and Asian actors performing Shakespeare in the UK? Tony Adler

• About the man who is carving his 20-year prison diary onto the surfaces of ostrich eggshells? Aimee Levitt

• How a start-up, backed by Disney, will help control family screen time? Sue Kwong

• That Bruce Willis is one of a bunch of big-name actors who get electronic line feeds on Broadway? Tony Adler

• Stephen Thomas Erlewine on Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks? Tal Rosenberg

• The Tumblr Shit People Say to Women Directors (& Other Women in Film)? Kate Schmidt