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  • Bill Clinton made $17 million last year doing this

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Hey, did you read:

• That Bill Clinton got $17 million last year for giving speeches? (George Packer comments on the overcompensation of VIPs.) Steve Bogira

• Atul Gawande on how to speed up innovation? Tal Rosenberg

• About Pakistan’s dwindling water supply? (As if Pakistan needed more problems.) Drew Hunt

• About the argument that street lamps and other forms of urban lighting actually make us less safe? Mick Dumke

• That white America only talks about race in moments of crisis, and is already eager to move on to other things, Roger Simon says? Steve Bogira

• About jokulhlaup, glacial flood surges, now on the rise in Alaska because of climate instability? Kate Schmidt

• That politicians can bounce back from prostitution scandals, but the sex workers usually can’t? (“Thanks to the stigma against sex workers and a societal double standard that judges men who pay women for sex less harshly than the women who get paid for sex.”) Gwynedd Stuart