Things aren't looking good for Bill Cosby. Credit: The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

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Hey, did you read:

• That Bill Cosby has been charged in a sexual assault case? Kate Schmidt

• About the time Shakespeare and his pals did “riotouslie take downe and carry away” an entire theater? Tony Adler

• This Nation piece analyzing the miscarriage of justice in the Tamir Rice case and arguing against the use of secret grand juries? (California has now banned them in connection with police shootings.) Kate Schmidt

• That cats may be selfish monsters destroying the ecosystem and your brain? Ryan Smith

• This characteristically droll Pete Wells review of Señor Frog’s? Philip Montoro

• About the gang of strippers that drugged Wall Street assholes and maxed out their credit cards? Aimee Levitt

DNAinfo’s overview of the tumultuous goings-on at City Hall this year? Kate Schmidt

• That the Blue Line and Red Line now have full 4G cell phone service and humanity may never look each other in the face on public transit again? Ryan Smith