When reading and memes collide.

• The fairly entertaining GIFs from last night’s debate? (Jump to the last couple if you’re short on time.) Asher Klein

Or Ann Friedman’s version? Sam Worley

This op-ed in the NYT on sniffing police dogs and our right to privacy? (The Supreme Court will consider how much the dogs should be allowed to nose around.) Steve Bogira

• Steven Hyden on the ebb and flow of George Michael’s career and the current relevance of Faith to the pop-music canon? —Kevin Warwick

• That the European Southern Observatory discovered “the first planet with a mass similar to Earth ever found around Alpha Centauri B, part of the nearest star system to Earth”? Ben Sachs and Philip Montoro

That Christian Science Monitor piece about pot legalization possibly, maybe catching on in middle America? Mara Shalhoup

• About Rahm’s plan to give the arts “core subject” status? Tony Adler

• The Tumblr of meerkats that look like anti-EU Brit Nigel Farage? (Hey one-percenters, he’s your guy.)Kate Schmidt