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Hey, did you read:

• David Leonhardt in the New York Times on how the polling question “Who do you expect to win?” predicts results better than “Who do you support?” (In polls this year that have asked the expectation question, President Obama has dominated.) Steve Bogira

• Where Romney and Obama actually stand on global warming? Jerome Ludwig

• This Lena Dunham-esque Romney campaign video that looks like it was made by the trolls on Reddit? (I may start carrying around a picture of Mitt’s ad-ending “I think I wanna marry you face” face in case I ever want to freak out a baby.) Asher Klein

• Steven Vance’s ode to Sue Baker and her four-decade quest to understand and prevent car “accidents”? Kevin Warwick

NPR’s tale of an elephant so desperate for companionship that he’ll even talk to humans? Tony Adler

• That Cat Power is broke? Kevin Warwick

• This insane, dexterous, definitive GQ profile of Wu-Tang Clan mastermind and now-film director RZA? (Sample passage: “A few minutes from now he will illustrate a statement about how small an amount of crack would get you a ten-year prison sentence back in the day by pointing to the side order of sesame-seared tofu on a plate in front of him. I don’t want to belabor the hood-to-Hollywood aspects of his story, but if you want a hood-to-Hollywood moment, there it is.”) Tal Rosenberg