Tulsa: Now doesnt this look like a fun place to host the Olympics?
  • C Jill Reed
  • Tulsa: Now doesn’t this look like a fun place to host the Olympics?

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• That the United States is by far the most expensive country in which to have a baby, despite minimal differences in the quality or extent of care? (Actual costs for a conventional birth here are almost two and a half times as much in Switzerland, the next most expensive country; for a C-section, it’s almost triple.) Kate Schmidt

• David Samuels on Skybox, a start-up that plans to launch “a fleet of cheap, small, ultra-efficient imaging satellites” and revolutionize data collection? Tal Rosenberg

• That plastic from body and facial scrubs is spreading through the Great Lakes ecosystem and getting into the bodies of fish? Mick Dumke

David Carr on journalists as activists? (Activism “can prompt discovery” but “can also impair vision.”) Steve Bogira

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• About Tulsa’s potential bid to host the 2024 Olympics? Aimee Levitt

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