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Hey, did you read:

• The Supreme Court has issued its latest ruling confirming that the EPA has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions? Mick Dumke

• About the dearth of blacks and Latinos in New York’s elite public high schools? (Compared with Stuyvesant High School, Chicago’s Payton College Prep “is a multicultural paradise.”) Steve Bogira

• That over 54,000 newsroom jobs have been lost since 2003? Tony Adler

• About how Americans pronounce tech terms differently? Lucy Wang

• That David Sedaris has embraced lifelogging? Aimee Levitt

• About how tricky it will be for the Bulls to sign Carmelo Anthony? Tal Rosenberg

• The oral history of Tortoise’s debut album, in which Sam Prekop gives the Reader‘s Peter Margasak a shout-out? Leor Galil