• Col. Steve Boylan
  • CIA Director General Petraeus, about to confront a media onslaught.

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• That Harry Reid needs a nudge to reform the filibuster? J.R. Jones

This David Petraeus-inspired erotica involving “determined endurance spiked with the occasional recklessly heedless surge”? (Although I’m starting to think—and maybe this is just residual paranoia from seeing Skyfall last night—that all this army exposé schadenfreude is getting a bit reckless given that we’re mocking a once-in-a-generation general who became the country’s master spy and now the guy who was about to be NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe?) Asher Klein

This Texas Tribune story about the 25,000 signatures on an online petition—a number big enough to require that the White House acknowledge it “in a timely fashion”—calling for the secession of the 28th state? Drew Hunt

• The article in the Guardian that asks: can Nate Silver save journalism? Jerome Ludwig

• About the Elmo sex scandal? Yikes. Luca Cimarusti

• The article that gives tips on how to invest in legalized marijuana. Tal Rosenberg

This (British) appreciation of Philip Roth now that he’s given up writing? Tony Adler

• This recollection about writing the Jam’s biggest hit? J.R. Jones