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Hey, did you read:

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• That Frankie Knuckles died? (Here’s Reader contributor Michaelangelo Matos’s obituary for Rolling Stone.) Tal Rosenberg

• An argument that a materialist worldview can only be half-right and that we should put “currently rejected forms of knowledge on our academic table” as a way to better understand the nature of consciousness? John Dunlevy

• About how the popular TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother wasn’t about the mother at all? (Here’s an interesting review of last night’s finale. Note: SPOILERS) —Keshia Bardney

• About high-tech developments in the maple syrup industry? Ben Sachs

• About how spite can be a good thing? Aimee Levitt

• About the low pay rates for minor league baseball players? Mick Dumke

Rookie‘s deep sartorial analysis of cereal box mascots? Aimee Levitt

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