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Hey, did you read:

• About Governor Daley? (“Bill wants to run,” a source tells Michael Sneed, and the poll Daley’s commissioned to assess his chances will help him decide.) Steve Bogira

• That the average U.S. temperature last year—55.3 degrees—was a full degree higher than the old record, set in 1998? (Globally, the ten warmest years on record have all been in the last 15 years.) Steve Bogira

• About the “cringeworthy conversations, product demos, and music” that were Qualcomm’s mess of a keynote at CES? —John Dunlevy

• About Turkish simits muscling in on the New York bagel trade? Tony Adler

• The Vice story about the documentary film Scrappers, which looks at Chicago’s scrap-metal collectors? Tal Rosenberg

• That former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb says ESPN didn’t need to apologize for Brent Musburger’s audible jaw drop when she was shown during the NCAA football championship Monday? Mick Dumke

• Former Reader writer Edward McClelland‘s hilarious story about insulting “rock” singer Richard Marx on his blog, then having to face down the singer at his neighborhood watering hole? Tal Rosenberg