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Hey, did you read:

• That Pitchfork column on how rap record sales mean nothing “in this era of gentrified taste and consolidated gatekeepers”? Mara Shalhoup

• How playwright Bruce Norris pulled licensing for a German production of Clybourne Park when he learned that an African-American character would be played by a white actress in blackface? Tony Adler

• (or rather, listen to) Chip Mitchell’s stirring story about an undocumented immigrant who’s fearful of applying for the Obama administration’s deportation reprieve? Sam Worley

• That Hillary Clinton’s comment about “whining” working women wasn’t about working women at all—it was about Holden Caulfield? Sam Worley

• Rick Telander’s no-bull rant on Cubs philanthropy? Deanna Isaacs

• Profiles of John Edel and Nance Klehm (both past Reader story subjects) in Utne Reader? Jerome Ludwig

• Remember that mega-lame band the Vines? Shocking news: the singer just went to court for beating up his own mom! Also shocking: the Vines are still a band, and that this is considered newsworthy. Luca Cimarusti