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  • Beware these powerful socialist tools!

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Hey, did you read:

• A credible source on how to help with Hurricane Sandy relief? Tony Adler

• About the state’s token response to WBEZ’s lawsuit for media access in Illinois prisons? Steve Bogira

That story in Salon about how progressives should vote for Obama because Romney isn’t, um, progressive? (Yeah, kind of a no-brainer—but there’s this part about the overuse of “awesome” and “amazing” that’s a total repeat of what J.R. Moehringer bitched about in his September interview with Terry Gross, which aired again last night.) Mara Shalhoup

• That reviled Russian election chief Vladimir Churov has criticized U.S. elections as undemocratic? Ben Sachs

• That Monopoly is a socialist board game? Jerome Ludwig

• This spooky Halloween story Wikipedia entry about the introduction of the ghost word “dord” into Webster’s dictionary in 1934? Asher Klein

• Another spooky Wikipedia entry: this unusually well-written biography of serial killer Ted Bundy? Tal Rosenberg