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  • Now a DC Comics character, though there must be a Wesley Willis song about that.

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Hey, did you read:

Dexter Filkins on the “information black hole” in our drone campaign? (“When an employee of the C.I.A. fires a missile from an unmanned drone into a compound along the Afghan-Pakistani border, he almost certainly doesn’t know for sure whom he’s shooting at.”) Steve Bogira

• About “the trouble with female celebrity portraits and the men who write them”? (It’s behind a pay wall, but Jim Windolf’s February Vanity Fair profile of Jennifer Lawrence is a good study in what not to do.) Kate Schmidt

• Lee Bey’s blog post on a 50-year-old short film of Chicago scenes, The City to See in ’63? —John Dunlevy

• That petitioners have succeeded in getting playwright Maria Irene Fornes moved to a nursing home in Manhattan, where she can be closer to friends and colleagues? (The 82-year-old Fornes suffers from Alzheimer’s disease; she’d been living at a facility in upstate New York.) Tony Adler

• About the history and future of flairtending? Mike Sula

• The GQ story by author Wells Tower about going to Burning Man with his dad? Tal Rosenberg

• That there’s a DC Comics character based on Wesley Willis? Gwynedd Stuart

• Mike Tyson just played a death row inmate on Law and Order, the latest astounding guest TV appearance by an athlete? Mick Dumke