Did you read it?
  • Did you read it?

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Hey, did you read:

• That even Romney is expecting Obama’s performance tonight to be an improvement? (Um, how could it be worse?) Mara Shalhoup

The report in Chicago Now on last night’s community meeting on the city’s budget, in which locals complained of the mayor’s absence (and which Mick Dumke moderated)? Tal Rosenberg

• Once again, what is up with Jesse Jr? Mick Dumke

• What happened to the rogue CIA burglar? Sam Worley

• In the Atlantic Wire about the art thieves in Rotterdam who stole a Picasso, a Matisse, and two Monets along with masterpieces from Freud, Gauguin, and de Haan? (I’d start looking at Thomas Crown.) Tal Rosenberg

This thuddingly stupid piece about how “condescending” and “self-righteous” it is to play jazz that’s not aimed at people who don’t like jazz, which makes a particular example of pianist Vijay Iyer? (Iyer plays the Mayne Stage this Thursday, October 18; check out Peter Margasak‘s Soundboard write-up.) Philip Montoro

• That singer-songwriter Todd Snider says Rahm Emanuel “has a special mind” and is “not afraid to drink beer”? Kate Schmidt

• Who won Equity Jeff Awards? Tony Adler

• Deschutes Brewery, one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest purveyors of craft beers, is finally gracing Chicago bars with its presence. Drew Hunt