RIP Manoel de Oliveira
  • Michael Buckner/Getty Images
  • RIP Manoel de Oliveira

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Hey, did you read:

• About Broadway producer Ken Davenport (Kinky Boots among others), who’s using what he claims is the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever to help him build a new theater complex at the fringes of the Great White Way? (He’s projecting a cost of $113 million.) Tony Adler

• About the recent Internet browsing history of the copilot who crashed the Germanwings airliner into the French Alps? (During the week before the crash, he’d searched for info on how to commit suicide, and about security measures for cockpit doors.) Steve Bogira

• That renowned Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira has passed away at the age of 106? Drew Hunt

• This report on Russia’s “troll army,” paid workers who post anti-western, pro-Putin statements on website comments sections and social media forums round the clock? Ben Sachs

• About Lonni Sue Johnson, a onetime New Yorker illustrator who now has amnesia, and what her case is teaching scientists about the human brain? Tal Rosenberg

• That Glenn Beck wants to help women “feel pretty“? Drew Hunt

• That Doctor Who will soon be legally downloadable from BitTorrent? —Lucy Wang

• About women, “weird stand-up,” and the second comedy boom? Drew Hunt