• Chief Keef, adding a new thing to shit he doesn’t like

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Hey, did you read:

• Alexis Madrigal on air pollution in Beijing now and Pittsburgh up to the mid-20th century—and some thoughts from Chicago’s smoke inspector in 1896? —John Dunlevy

• That busts for marijuana possession dropped significantly after Chicago’s new pot law went into effect last summer? Mick Dumke

• That Chief Keef has been taken into custody for violating his probation by doing that video interview for Pitchfork? Leor Galil

• That someone was shot outside our building this morning? Mick Dumke

The argument that the Second Amendment was ratified in order to assure southern slaveholders that their patrols designed to prevent uprisings could continue? Tony Adler

• Meaghan Garvey’s essay on dudes who are intimidated by female rap fans? Leor Galil

• The Village Voice‘s annual Pazz & Jop, the ultimate in pop-critic year-end lists? (Rob Harvilla’s essay on rapper-singer Future is a standout: “He uses Auto-Tune the way Picasso used nude women, the way Obama uses drones.”) Tal Rosenberg