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Hey, did you read:

• Matt Taibbi on the attorney general’s decision to go easy on HSBC for laundering drug money? Tony Adler

• The Bloomberg article about two McDonald’s employees—one who makes $8.75 million and one who makes $8.25? Tal Rosenberg

• That state’s attorney Anita Alvarez claims her disastrous interview on 60 Minutes was the result of biased journalism? Mick Dumke

• About the investigation to find “Muslim bias” in Texas public schools (and which ended up finding plenty of Christian bias)? Ben Sachs

• About the man behind Uganda’s antihomosexuality bill? Becca Oken

• About brain cells made from urine? Jerome Ludwig

• That Kevin Youkilis—late of the White Sox, now with the Yankees—could have been Kevin Weiner? Steve Bogira