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Hey, did you read:

• About the conservative case for Sarah Palin for prez in 2016? Jerome Ludwig

• The inevitable backlash from conservatives blaming GOP election losses on “moderate” candidates? Mick Dumke

• Michiko Kakutani’s rhyming review of Calvin Trillin’s rhyming review of the 2012 presidential election? (“While he’s no Steve Sondheim, and has penned better books, Rhyming on deadline isn’t as easy as it looks.”) Steve Bogira

• Kurt Vonnegut’s hilarious if hellaciously un-PC letter on how to survive a year teaching at the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop? (“He is mad for gooks. Forget him! Graduate assistants write his books for him. Burn this letter!”) Kate Schmidt

• Sartre’s blog? Tony Adler

• Patton Oswalt breaking down his TV and movie roles, including his experiences on the debacle that was Blade: Trinity and that one time he saw Matthew McConaughey’s testicle at a table read? Kevin Warwick

• Nick Paumgarten’s 12,000-plus-word jam session on the Grateful Dead and their cultish fans? (If you listen to the version of “Dark Star” from Live/Dead while reading the article, which one would you finish first?) —Tal Rosenberg

• That Sam Worley‘s pumpkin pie recipe made the NYT‘s Dining Journal? Steve Bogira