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  • Jonathan Ive, the guy who probably designed the thing you’re using to look at this picture

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Hey, did you read:

• Robert Heuer’s lovely 1987 Reader profile of White Sox legend Minnie Minoso, who died Sunday at the age of 90 or so? Steve Bogira

• About Under the Dome, a Chinese video documentary about pollution that’s garnered 100 million views since debuting online on Saturday? Ben Sachs

• About how the vocabulary to describe nature has been shrinking and the quest to preserve the old words? (Some British words for “icicle”: “aquabob,” “clinkerbell anddaggler,” “cancervell,” “ickle,” “tankle,” “shuckle.” And “ungive” means “thaw” in Northamptonshire and East Anglia.) Aimee Levitt

• About the GOP’s latest plan to secure millennial votes? Drew Hunt

• About what it’s like to be on Chopped? Drew Hunt

• That a series of psychological studies suggests that conservatives are more apt to see environmental issues in moral terms if they’re described in language that emphasizes “purity” and the prevention of “desecration” as opposed to the protection of people and ecosystems? Kate Schmidt

• This in-depth profile of Apple’s industrial designer Jonathan Ive? —Sue Kwong

• That young Republicans overwhelmingly favor the legalization of pot? Mick Dumke