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Hey, did you read:

• That Republican party leaders keep disbelieving that Donald Trump or Ben Carson could win the GOP nomination, while Trump and Carson keep sailing along at the top of the polls?Steve Bogira

• That Missy Elliott released her first single and video in nearly a decade? (And they’re both really good!) Tal Rosenberg

• About the blatantly sexist treatment accorded women economists such as Anne Case and Janet Yellen? (The latter, according to Ralph Nader, should sit down with her husband and figure out what to do with the Federal Reserve.) Kate Schmidt

• This interview with Daniel Jones, who has been editing the New York Times‘s Modern Love column for 11 years? Sue Kwong

• This data-based analysis arguing that free admission to museums and other institutions doesn’t help reach underserved audiences? Kate Schmidt

• This Guardian report on “America’s poorest white town“: Beattyville, Kentucky? Kate Schmidt