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Hey, did you read

• The BBC’s two-part report on the unretrieved bodies of people who died while trying to climb Mount Everest? Tal Rosenberg

• About the use of smartphones, tablets, and iPods as pacifiers for toddlers and even infants? Steve Bogira

• About the great chef and cookbook writer Edna Lewis, who demonstrated that American cuisine (especially in the south) has black roots, and about Barbara Wheaton, an 84-year-old librarian who has spent the majority of her life creating a database of historical recipes? Aimee Levitt

• About how Grantland died and how, even after his departure, Bill Simmons might have had a hand in its demise? Kevin Warwick

• Slate’s unsubtle takedown of subtlety? Ryan Smith

• About music for cats? Sue Kwong

• That “joggling” was prohibited in yesterday’s New York City marathon? (Running with knitting needles was also forbidden, so the world record for the longest scarf knit during a marathon—12 feet—is safe.) Steve Bogira