Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• That according to this New York Times analysis, even under President Obama’s tax plan, lots of people making lots of money wouldn’t pay more? (“A large majority of families making up to $300,000—as well as hundreds of thousands of families with even larger incomes—would not pay taxes at a higher marginal rate.”) Steve Bogira

• That David Mamet’s new play The Anarchist is “arguably the fastest failure of a major writer’s new play on Broadway since the early 1980s”? Ben Sachs

• About the musical featuring a book by Edmund Wilson and lyrics by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Tony Adler

• About dogs being taught to drive cars in New Zealand?! Ben Sachs

• About how Vice contributed to the downfall of Internet security’s answer to Pablo Escobar, and by lying on nutter/millionaire/possible drug dealer/murder suspect John McAfee’s behalf, compromised its ethics in doing so? Asher Klein

• That there’s a large, peanut-shaped asteroid headed toward Earth next week? Jerome Ludwig

• This oral history of the great TV show Freaks and Geeks? (“Once we hired Seth [Rogen], he said, ‘I was working with a drama coach. She was like, ‘You’ve got to change your voice or you’ll never get hired.” And I was thinking, That’s why I hate drama teachers.”) Tal Rosenberg

• The history of AOL as told through Times crossword clues? Sam Worley