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  • Doritos Locos Taco

Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• About how networking benefits whites? Steve Bogira

• Rick Perlstein’s case against Obama’s nomination of Penny Pritzker for secretary of commerce? Tal Rosenberg

This map showing the dozens of nuclear facilities and waste sites around the Great Lakes? Mick Dumke

• About Ikram Goldman, the latest case of New York Times Chicago myth making? Deanna Isaacs

• That the Fader interviewed Alex Kotlowitz about violence in Chicago? Leor Galil

• From 2008, David Asa Rose’s poems built on the verbatim comments of people calling a suicide hot line? Tony Adler

• That Richard Pevear—who, with his wife, Larissa Volokhonsky, has now translated all of Tolstoy—speaks only basic Russian? Kate Schmidt

• The story of the birth of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco? Aimee Levitt