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  • Trouble in the pit at Riot Fest

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Hey, did you read:

• “No Child Left Untableted“? (Should we be devoting our education resources to tablets or teachers?)

Mosh pit injuries at Riot Fest? Gwynedd Stuart

• Lynda Barry’s illustrated 20 stages of reading? Julia Thiel

• About the 1972 encounter of Michael Pollan, James Taylor, and their pet pigs that was so momentous it inspired a song? (Unreleased, alas.) Aimee Levitt

• About why Spinoza was not just excommunicated but expelled, cursed, and damned by his Amsterdam synogogue in 1656? Kate Schmidt

• About the mysterious Northampton clown? —Luca Cimarusti

• The story of how Detroit went bankrupt over the course of nine mayors and six decades? Mick Dumke

• About some of the design changes to the print edition of the New Yorker? Tal Rosenberg

• That the world’s oldest man has died? Tal Rosenberg

• About the new blood at Saturday Night Live? (Former Chicago comic Brooks Wheelan is one of the latest additions to the cast.) Drew Hunt

• Today’s Blondie comic strip, going disconcertingly—and ingeniously—meta? Tony Adler

• The unfolding story of a mass shooting at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.? Philip Montoro

• That Iran may send a Persian cat into space? Ben Sachs