Roger Ebert from beyond the grave
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  • Roger Ebert from beyond the grave

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• About the FOMO (fear of missing out) frenzy over a work of art at New York’s Museum of Modern Art? Tony Adler

• Life expectancy is still almost four years greater for white Americans than for black Americans, but the gap has narrowed. Steve Bogira

• About the children’s magician who was informed that he needed to create a federal disaster plan for the rabbit he pulls out of a hat? Mick Dumke

• This posthumous review from Roger Ebert on Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess? (Apparently there’s still a few more to be published.) Drew Hunt

• About whether or not ashes in a fireplace in Romania are the remnants of stolen paintings by Picasso, Matisse, and Monet? Tal Rosenberg

• That with a new president coming in, Iranian women are feeling liberated enough to show their necks in public? Mick Dumke